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We ‘raise the roof’ with affordable, professional metal installation and metal fabrication services. 

Custom Sheet Metal Inc. services the area of Commerce City, Colorado and provides custom sheet metal, metal fabrication, break metal, custom flashings, custom metal panels, custom gutters, and custom metal colors. We provide outstanding customer service and satisfaction with our roofing products. We have built our business on our outstanding reputation and referrals from our customers.

We offer the best in custom and Standard Fabricated metal, gutters and panels. Custom Sheet Metal Inc. fabricates a variety of custom metal for sub-contractors, builders, home owners, construction industry and more. Custom Sheetmetal Inc. We fabricate metal for pick up or delivery or Chop and Drops. We are proud to be servicing the city of Commerce City and surrounding areas. When it comes to any process related to cutting, bending, welding, or anything else related to metal, we have the ability to help you get the job done. We’ve served companies from every imaginable type of industry.

What materials does Custom Sheet Metal Inc. work with?
We work with Steele 26,24,22 Gauge, Aluminum and copper. Contact us today to find out how soon we can help you with your project. We take quality seriously.

We fabricate custom flashing for Metal roofs, shingle roofs, and tile roofs and flat roofs

Head wall
Drip Edge
Rake Wall
Rake edge
W valley
Eave Risor
Z Metal
collector heads
Coping cap
Chimney Caps
Face plates
Chop and Drops

We run chop and drops with 5" k style. 6" k style, 6" straight face gutter and 6" half round.

Get started on your next custom metal project. Get a FREE quote. Call Custom Sheetmetal Inc. at 720-859-7441 or email us at 

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We are an industry-leader for precision, high quality custom sheet metal fabrication services. Our high-end and capable equipment, advanced design software, and our experienced, expert engineering team, all work together to ensure that we will meet your needs for sheet metal fabrication.